You want to get more benefit from your van or transport vehicle?

Our caravan extension is the right solution for you. You ride a motorcycle? You have got a hobby with bulky equipment? You prefer having all of your equipment next to you and you don’t feel like searching for expensive hotels, guesthouses or a campsite? There’s no need for all of this anymore because your home and garage is with you from now on.

For you, we have developed the leisure-module QUICKOUT and of course we have tested it by ourselves. We’re passionate bikers and we know those miserable problems of motorbike transport.

If you don’t feel like buying a complete caravan and don’t want to use a trailer on every trip, we have got the perfect solution for you! Just switch your guesthouse or tent to a van with our caravan extension. Sleep comfortable wherever you like!

Wohnmobilausbau - Funktionen

The tool for caravan extension

We have created a leisure-module for caravan extension, which you’ve been searching for for a long time. QUICKOUT is an easy and comfortable system for switching a normal van into a caravan with integrated garage. Our solution consists of a carrier construction which is fixed by existing locking devices inside the load room of your van. Connected with the frame construction there is a large lifting bed where you can rest after an amazing trip. In addition to that, the basic module for caravan extension contains an attractive fabric cover, a hookable seating area, a kitchen module and a lot of space for your camping toilet. You will not believe: You’re bleak and boring loading area of your van will be transformed into a comfortable caravan with space for two motorcycles, an ATV, surfboards, a waggon, bicycles or other bulky equipment.

Weekdays a van, at the weekend a caravan

Maybe you own a van or transport vehicle? Maybe it’s a Sprinter, Fiat Ducato or Transit? For example, the Ducato you can buy completely with sleeping bunk or install an additional sleeping area but this is very expensive. You lose a lot of space and you cannot use the van for transport or work anymore, but not if you use our module for caravan extension. We don’t install a permanent fixing for our caravan extension. It’s your decision when you setup your living room or when you need it for transportation purposes. Weekdays you transport goods and
equipment, on Friday afternoon you create your caravan. Then you have got everything you need for a weekend trip with motorcycles, bicycles, ATVs and other bulky equipment:

  • A comfortable lifting bed for 2 Persons
  • Caravan extension with kitchen area
  • Seating area
  • A safe place for your motorcycles, ATVs or bicycles

How does the practical caravan extension work?

We do not just only offer you a unique solution for caravan extension, but we combine this idea with the transport of you hobby equipment, e.g. motorcycle transport. Our QUICKOUT system creates a living room inside the heart of your van. Just attach the frame at the fixing devices inside the load room. Now you can use the strong carriers next to the load area, giving you the possibility to fix the lifting bed in the preferred height. The lower part of the frame for caravan extension offers you safe storage room for all of your equipment. For example, you can place the bikes between the holders and fix them. For more space inside the load room we have added some more features to our leisure module: A moveable bed. You can fix it in the preferred height manually or by using an electric drive. If you don’t like to sleep directly below the roof of your van, you can release the bed a few centimetres at night. At daytime or evening hours, you lift the bed in the maximum position and you feel comfortable with your friends and family underneath it.

A smart caravan

You cannot imagine sleeping inside the boring walls of a simple van? No problem! We have considered that also. For maximum comfort, our basic module for caravan extension contains fabric curtains for those walls. Behind the covers, you can hide the simple walls. Now you can really feel comfortable and take a rest. Your heart is always searching for freedom, cosiness and spontaneous road trips? What do you think of a living room inside your caravan? As soon as you have unloaded the motorcycles from the trailer you can fix the seating modules into the basic module. Now you have enough space for you and all of your friends. We have also considered your personal needs: An additional module consists of a practical cooking area and a place for your camping toilet. What do you need more for a perfect weekend trip by caravan?

For which purposes is QUICKOUT made?

We really like to answer this question. Our leisure module fits to all of those activities which are also suitable for caravan use. Go camping, visit a festival or just do your weekend trip. From now on your motorcycles, bicycles, ATVs and waggons are with you all the time. You can leave the bulky trailer at home and you fulfil the entire load securing requirements 100%. Of course our leisure module is TÜV certified so that you are not just comfortable but also safe on your next trip.

Finally: Our biggest surprise!

You do not own a van and you rent such a vehicle from time to time? Also in this case there’s no need to renounce the caravan setup. The leisure module QUICKOUT will be installed without drilling, screwing or other permanent fixing devices. You just use the existing hooks of the car. They exist in every transport vehicle, no matter if you use Fiat Ducato, Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Transit or VW Crafter. We offer two different module sizes which fit into every standard van. The load securing devices for your motorcycle, ATV or waggon is also included.

Learn more about the way to your caravan

On our website you find more information about the leisure module for caravan extension of your van. Just contact us and make your dream come true: Your own caravan inside a transportation vehicle.